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The 18th hole at La Mantarray in Las Hadas

The nine-hole course at Club Santiago

While Manzanillo is not really known as a golf destination, there are a few courses that are worthy of attention – even to the casual golfer. The course that you’ll see as you drive into Puerto Las Hadas is  the Mantarraya Golf Course that is operated by the Las Hadas Hotel.  This is a nice 18-hole resort course that is a lot of fun to play.  The 18th hole is actually an island green with a great view of Puerto Las Hadas and the Marina.

Not far away from Las Hadas you will find the nine-hole course at Santiago. Primarily used by  the Club Santiago residents and guests, the golf course sees little play but outside rounds are certainly permitted. It is very flat and quite narrow on some holes. Pack a few cold drinks and enjoy the afternoon at this cute little course.

One of the beautiful ocean holes at Isla Navidad Golf Club

Moving further north, about 20 minutes from the International Airport at Manzanillo, is the 27-hole Isla Navidad Country Club at the Grand Isla Navidad Resort. This facility doubles as a country club for the residents but is also enjoyed by guests at the Grand Isla Navidad Resort. Outside play is also allowed and of the three tracks in the area, Isla Navidad is easily the strongest.

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